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Date: 24/07/2026
Location: Mumbai
Article in one of a leading magazine.

Let me introduce you to a serial entrepreneur whose small ideas are turning the lives of thousands of people. Mr Prasad Girish Pawar is known for his very basic & common business ideas which are implemented in innovative ways. These ideas are always to build a new community and brand following around it.

Starting early his early entrepreneurship immediately after completing his formal engineering education. From his early days only he believes in one thing is that Your Formal Education has nothing to do with career life. Your career life solely depends on what opportunities you get and which one you grab to climb high in respective domains.

As a service provider in IT implication & digital marketing he worked with multiple startups from different industries. In these 10 Years though he gained expertise about how various industries work though he is not able to establish himself as a successful consultant.

The year 2021 is life-changing for many people like him. This year is one biggest setback for him, which forced him to recorrect all known mistakes done in 10 Years of the journey.

Prasad is running multiple ventures right now. From domain expertise of IT services & digital marketing, he launched 2-3 websites & apps which are right now helping small business houses to generate more revenue & connect with their customers across India & the world.

He always tries to keep his team size small & virtual with the vision to make big value returns to his stakeholders. His products are also known to create small size big impact products where the process is very simple but efficiently improves traditional methods.

He is also known for his food chain business which recently opened its 500th branch in India. He also runs an Adventure park which is a very well known place to get relax & hang out with friends & family.

Though his schedule is very busy with his multiple ventures, he can still spend valuable time with his family and friends. He is a regular book reader & also opened a library at his hometown as he knows value helps to think big & out of the box.

Right now he is also working on some social cause where his foundation plants 1,000 Trees every year intending to grow all planted trees. Some other activities are involved practically like teaching the importance of recycling and other factors affecting nature to school children. Because he believes this foundation year when we can actually teach about mother earth.

It’s a proud moment for his family when they visit his office and see how brands are performing well in the market. In his early childhood, many parents used to give his example to their children’s, now after a gap of 10-15 years many people are starting to believe him once again & youngsters start following him as a role model.

We wish him to achieve his future goals in business & social activities.

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